Welcome to Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery

Since 2000, Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery has provided state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery to the Bangor, Maine area. One of our many benefits is that we're able to offer the convenience and privacy of our very own on-site operating room.


As we age, our bodies tend to change. With age, our expectation of how we want to look changes as well. Whether your focus is on restoring definition or rejuvenating your body, you can be beautiful at any age with the help of anti-aging cosmetic surgery and/or skin care treatments and products. It's never to late to begin taking care of your skin and body. At Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery, you’ll find our plastic surgeon and registered nurses dedicated to helping you meet your goals.

We look forward to working with you at every stage of your life and providing comprehensive advice according to your personal goals and expectations. We believe you deserve great results and the highest standard of care and safety.

cosmetic surgery

Let’s face it. Most people have considered or at least thought about cosmetic surgery. Plastic or cosmetic surgery has benefits that extend far beyond outer beauty. At Bangor Plastic & Hand Surgery our work is not about vanity, it's based on building confidence and helping you feel like your appearance matches your inner beauty.

We can offer you many options and work with you to provide the very best results. Not only will you look great, you're procedure will be performed in the safest AAAASF certified environment possible. If your thinking about or would like to discuss your options we would like to hear from you.

reconstructive surgery

There’s a lot to learn when you’re considering reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is aimed at abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, accident, infection, tumors or disease. These types of corrective plastic surgeries can be life changing for people who suffer from these issues. The result of a successful reconstructive plastic surgery is a new lease on life and improvement of not only one’s appearance but also one’s self-esteem.

We combine the unique balance of care for the individual patient’s needs, delicate surgical techniques, and innovative material and technology. We offer comprehensive reconstructive treatment plans to improve function and restore your body to a more normal appearance.

after weight loss

After weight loss surgery, there is sometimes a need to remove excess sagging fat and skin, and/or to relieve the physical strain caused by excessive tissue or even very large breasts. We offer procedures that can help women feel more confident and enjoy a more youthful looking figure. If you are considering cosmetic surgery after weight loss we can help.

Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery is very interested in your well being and total body beauty, with emphasis on patient care, services and results. We achieve this by understanding that not everyone will need cosmetic surgery. Our realistic quest for perfection should also improve inner confidence as well as restore outer beauty using only the best medical and aesthetic treatment. That is why we offer services through our sister company, Surface Medical Spa. Surface Medical Spa offers the largest selection of skin care services in the region, under the direction of our board certified plastic surgeon. Whether you need radiant makeup for a special occasion or want to reduce lines, sun damage, or other signs of aging, our friendly, licensed professionals are ready to support you through every step of your journey toward healthier, younger-looking skin!