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Since 2000, Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery has provided state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery in a modern, private facility.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Branch has over 20 years experience performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Maine – helping patients obtain naturally enhanced results through safe, modern methods.

Our private operating room (OR) is AAAASF accredited and offers the highest standards in medical care, comfort, and privacy. We strive to provide you with a warm, friendly environment in which to pursue your cosmetic goals and explore new options and ideas regarding appearance and rejuvenation.

Explore our full range of services, or contact us to learn more about the best options. We understand the importance of dignity and confidentiality, and will work with your specific needs to obtain the most natural enhanced appearance possible through the use of safe, studied, and proven methods.

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Surface Medical Spa

Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center


Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center

Stop Suffering With Migraines

The new breakthrough in migraine headache treatment is surgery & BOTOX® Cosmetic.

In conjunction with neurologists, researchers have discovered that patients who suffer from chronic migraines, had their symptoms relieved after undergoing an endoscopic browlift/forehead lift surgery or BOTOX® Cosmetic therapy. When treated with the migraine surgery and BOTOX® Cosmetic, it is estimated that researchers have had a success rate of better than 90%. Once more, migraine surgery and BOTOX® Cosmetic eliminated or significantly reduced the severity and frequency of the patients migraine headaches.